Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter from the Garden: Dear Spirits

dear spirits,

the closer i get to christmas, the more i think about the fact that i won't be able to see my father this year.  i predict all holidays and birthdays will have this effect on me for a while.  since his death, i've struggled through father's day, my brother's birthday, my birthday, and thanksgiving.  i'm still adjusting to not being able to talk to him.  my, how i took that for granted.

while i was sitting here thinking of this, i thought of how many times i complained that 2009 was full of death.  i've gotten on the other side of that feeling for the most part, though i'm still anxious for the year to be over, as if somehow i'm owed a better 2010.  ah, entitlement.  i've digressed yet again.

i wanted to take a moment for those of you who transcended beyond this crazy world this year.  at the risk of sounding crazy, i call on some of you for strength and guidance the way some folks call on patron saints for help in certain situations.  i appreciate being able to do that.

so, today i honor you.  some of you were made famous for your service and your talent.  some of you weren't well-known at all.  but all of you were somebody's somebody.


sistergarteners:  i'm posting some of the famous spirits who passed away this year.  it's a moment to remember, and perhaps to learn something you didn't know about a few of them (homework!).  please feel free to use the comment space for remarks on any of them or anyone else you wish to honor.

John Hope Franklin

Bea Arthur

Ernie Barnes

Dom DeLuise

Ed McMahon

Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett

Steve McNair

Frank McCourt

E. Lynn Harris

John Hughes

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Sen. Ted Kennedy

Dominick Dunne

Adam "DJ A.M." Goldstein

Johnny Carter

Patrick Swayze


Kim said...

What a nice tribute.. My Dad passed March of 2003 and I miss him terrible, but i talk to him quite often :-)

naila said...

this is beautiful. my grandfather died this year - i no longer have either of my maternal grandparents in the physical...

rhythm said...

@ kim i talk to mine too :)
@ naila i'm sorry to hear that. all of my grandparents have passed. i think that bothers me most because i don't have kids yet.


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