Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruby's Garden: Zucchini

i was sitting here eating japanese takeout.  as i thought "mmmm, this zucchini is good," i then thought, "[the grandmother] would be so proud."  my maternal grandmother, god rest her soul, was one of many family members who was always up in arms about my eating habits as a child.  i was picky, and i didn't eat much of the few foods i did like.  i can say with certainty my grandmother would be shocked to see a) that i eat quite a bit now and b) that i eat vegetables at all, much less zucchini.  albeit, zucchini really tastes like whatever seasoning it's murrrrinated in, but that's neither here nor there.  whenever i would turn my nose up at [insert food here], my grandmother would say "chile, you don't know what's good!"  this included chitlins, so i'm not conceding that point.  ever.

so during this stream of consciousness, i thought, "i should blog about that," which led to "i should make a regular feature of rubyisms."  i think i'll do that.  and another out of my mother's isms (the lady is hilarious, and i've always joked and said i was going to make a book of them).

in search of my (grand)mother's garden...

be.  fly.
ruby's granddaughter

*photo: i "borrowed" this one since at the time of this writing, mine was devoured.  carry on.


B Harg. said...

is that alice walker quote in a book? you got me craving japanese takeout, but i know thats not happening in these parts. and im sayin, could i get added to this blog roll you got going (and hasan)? geesh. way to make me beg for it.

as far as quotables from the mothers, its always something nice to carry with you. i have a poem about something my grandma said ringing in my head while i was traveling that kept me from ending up lost. God bless her. lol

rhythm said...

the alice walker quotation is from a collection of essays called "in search of our mothers' gardens."

blog roll, done.


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