Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flowers for the Garden: Distant Relatives

Damian Marley and Nas are said to be working on a collaborative cd, to be released in March 2010. the working title is "Distant Relatives," and the proposed cover art is shown here. funny how people always refer to these efforts as "best of both worlds" projects after Jay-Z did a collabo with Robert-that's-not-me-on-the-tape-Kelly. it's as if they don't remember this. okay...it's not really the same thing. i just like any excuse to mention the Bee Gees.

moving along...i'm not a Nas fan. i'm still holding "Oochie Wally" against him. i'm a music snob who holds grudges. i am, however, a Damian Marley fan. he's my brother in my head. so we'll see.

what say you?

UPDATE: check out this trailer that D. Shanks posted in the comments below. he's the greatest.


D.Shanks said...

"Oochie Wally" was a crowning achievement and it was a Braveheart song that Nas went back in and did a verse on so that QB Finest album would move some units. You can't hold that against him. I'm really looking forward to this album. Check the trailer out sweets...

rhythm said...

so, i'm not gonna forgive him anytime soon. but i greatly appreciate the trailer. see above.

LaNeshe said...

What exactly WAS Nas thinking with "Oochie Wally?"


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