Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Global Garden: World AIDS Day

peace, sistergarteners.  today is World AIDS Day.  do something.  send an email.  get tested.  learn something new.  whatever suits you.  just do something.

see what john legend is doing (just 'cause i like him)

another option is to consider doing some local volunteer work.  sites like idealist.orgVolunteer Match, and serve.gov allow individuals and groups to search for local volunteer opportunities year-round.

along those lines, a group i'm working with has started a monthly arts benefit event with the goal of fundraising for individuals affected by different health issues.  i'll post more on that later.  what i'll say now is that the knowledge that my work was supporting a person dealing with a particular issue (as opposed to an organization) was so overwhelmingly wonderful.  it put a face to the work and made it so much more tangible.  it's getting beyond statistics.
*stepping off soapbox*

any other ideas about HIV/AIDS awareness and activities for today and beyond?

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