Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shiny Things

my dear friend austin asked me something about what i'm doing for Christmas.  i said that i don't "really" celebrate Christmas.  when he asked what i meant, i explained that i buy a gifts for a few people, but that i don't put up any decorations, and that it's not technically in celebration of the birth of Christ, (not unlike most people's recognition of the holiday), so i try to refrain from referring to it as "celebrating Christmas."

i ramble and go off on tangents.  by now, you've noticed.  i'm well aware of these tendencies, so i usaully check in to be sure folks are following.  when i asked austin if what i had said made sense, he replied, "that makes perfect sense.  i love it.  i just like the lights because i'm drawn to shiny things. *shrugs*."  so y'all know how i do.  i got all poetic and thought about being drawn to people's inner lights.  all that from some walmart tree lights.  ah, such is inspiration.

i, too, am drawn to shiny things...shiny spirits, shiny creativity, shiny minds...???  anyway, so that line made me think of all the beautiful people in my life.  as of late, i've really made an effort to be more grateful for them and let them know how much they mean to me.  give 'em the flowers while they can still smell 'em, so to speak.  so to my beautiful family (near and far), my amazing friends (real and imagined *coughs "mos def"*), my inspiring arts family (check out my sisterly sites and garden reading to the left, including Max Reddick, B Harg., and Hasan Malik), and all of you at the garden, thank you for having such beautiful lights.  namaste.

check out austin's blog.  he's been slacking lately, but it'll pick up next month when he begins chronicling his adventures in ghana!

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B Harg. said...

imaginary friends like Mos Def? exactly lol
love it.. funny cause I tweeted something about shiny not always being impressive. but it was from the opposite standpoint of bling and shiny cars, etc.


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