Thursday, April 9, 2009

Raw Week 2009: Day 4

it's day 4. what else is there to say?

but seriously, not much is new. banana-spinach smoothie for breakfast/snack. not as sweet as i would like. i also ate a banana because i was a little hungry.

one thing i'm really grateful for during this experience is the fact that it's making me more conscious of what i put in my body. my co-worker offered me some organic "apple" sauce yesterday (or the day before??? they're all blending together at this point). it was actually made of various berries, none of which were apples, lol. there were no preservatives, so i actually got excited for a moment. then i saw the added sugar. that's a no-no. i would have never paid attention to that before. i do check the ingredients on most of the items i purchase, but it's mostly for meat fat or meat stock in canned items or flavored rice. i know canned items and flavored rice aren't the healthiest purchases, but i do eat them. a lot. and i want to make sure i'm not eating chicken fat. if i want to eat chicken fat, i want to at least have some chicken with it. and i rarely eat chicken so...but i point is that this process is making me pay better attention to what i eat. and i'm sure this will carry over when i go back to eating cooked food and dairy. i would kill for some rice pilaf right about now.

12:23 pm: i've determined that not only does vinegar stink, but i also don't care much for the taste. since i didn't eat my salad yesterday for lunch or dinner, i attempted it for lunch today. since i actually tasted the dressing after i made it (and it was okay), i'm assuming the flavor has gotten stronger as it's been sitting in the container. raw lesson #246: eat it when you make it. so now i'm munching on celery, carrots, and the broccoli and cucumbers from said salad (with no dip). is this over yet?

speaking of which, i'm giving serious consideration to ending this venture early. the fiancé is encouraging me to stick with it. i think it's because he's responsible for dinner on the weekends. he says it's because he wants me to stick to the goal i set. as i'm not a quitter, i don't really feel bad about quitting. is that my biscuit craving talking?

tenisha says: you've gotten what you wanted, to be more aware of what you put in your body. *round of applause*

maybe i can turn this into a venture of learning how to quit without guilt. then i can incorporate THAT into my lifestyle. i'm a genius.

i'll keep you posted, sistergarteners.

be. fly.



Kahree said...

I'm getting bored with this process. But am determined to try my best to stick it out. I love the green smoothies. Still haven't made a salad or saw the cleanse factor of the experiment. But everyone is different so I'm guessing we'll all get something different out of this week. I haven't eaten anything to check the labels on.. lol. But anywho... I digress, I'm happy its day 4 and I can't wait to eat something cooked.... healthy, firm, and fulfilling. But I love my increase in energy.... it helps when I'm at the gym!!!!

Kahree said...

I can second your feelings and can honestly say I'm torn because quitting or acting like I'm staying with it and not telling anyone what I eat. lol. I don't know. I can say I like the smoothies... Ican not say that I'm enjoying this journey like others doing the experiment... but like I say we'll all get something different out of this. right now.... I miss chicken!!! LMAO


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