Monday, April 6, 2009

Raw Week 2009: Day 1

raw week has begun. last night, i packed my lunch and snacks for today (something i rarely do that far in advance; i usually throw something together or grab a frozen vegetarian breakfast and lunch on my way out the door in the morning). for today, i prepared a salad for lunch (spinach, diced grape tomatoes and carrots, sliced cucumbers, and homemade balsamic vinegarette dressing: 1/4 c. balsamic vinegar, 1/2 c. olive oil, optional basil and sea salt). i tasted the dressing, and it was pretty yum for my first stab at homemade dressing. i guess it's supposed to be, considering it only has 4 ingredients, which are whisked, not blended. but i digress. for snacks, i packed some green grapes, one celery stalk (sliced in half lengthwise, then cut into thirds), and a 6-pack of sun-dried raisins i split between my purse and my food drawer (yeah, i said it) at work in case of a snack attack.

my produce section (check out g. garvin in the
back, who will be getting NO LOVE this week):

so, this morning, all i had to prepare was my green smoothie. i had planned on using some super-ripe bananas i had in order to use them before they went bad. i was too late. and the bananas i just bought from the farmers' market aren't ripe enough yet, so i had to freestyle. i made the apple-kale combination (1 apple, 1 1/2 kale leaves, juice from 1/4 of a lemon, 1 c. water). the original recipe yields about 3-4 servings, so again, i was improvising. all in all, it turned out pretty tasty. granted, i'm chewing some of it, so i'll surely focus more energy on the BLEND aspect for tomorrow's smoothie. but it tastes good, and i feel healthy and satisfied. i'll check in throughout the day, and the girls (and boy; a brothergartener has joined raw week) may check in with their own updates. feel free to join us! you know you want to...

11:59am: check out beverly's produce shot. she even picked up a food dehydrator:

2:25pm: i had a 1pm dentist appointment, so to avoid showing up with raisins in my teeth, i didn't have a snack. talk about starving! i was SO hungry when i got back to work. i sprinkled some raisins on my beautiful salad, and it was deeeeeeeeeelish. and it just hit me...i don't know what's for dinner.

8:03pm: i'm exhausted. my day was so hectic that i have no way of knowing whether i'm drained because of raw week or because of all the running around i had to do.

perhaps this ordeal would be better illustrated on twitter, as by the time i got home to blog, i had been through a million different emotions surrounding this process. i experienced about an hour of CRAZY TIME in which i nodded off during a work-related meeting, almost had an internal melt-down about what i was going to prepare for dinner, and simultaneously imagined devouring a frozen cheese pizza. this is gonna be an interesting week.


Tina said...

When you come home in May, you can add some Maxie Devlin garden vegetables to that salad. Also, additional ingredients to add to the balsamic vinegarette could be rosemary and fresh garlic cloves. And a few drops of lemon (or other citrus fruits) adds that hint of tartness. Dried cherries or cranberries are great and slivered almonds are excellent to add to the salad!

Rhythm said...

awesome ideas, sweets! and you just gave beverly an excuse to use her favorite: rosemary!!! i'll have to check out a health food store for some dried cranberries, since sun-maid's version has added sugar and preservatives.

Kahree said...

I love how you guys took pictures!!!! I couldn't deal with things being on the counter too long, so I had to put things away as fast as possible yesterday. Today I think I'm doing good... even turned down Hot chips!!! I was getting a craving for something crunchy but just remembered my banana chips in my purse. This morning I had a green smoothie.. heavy on the fruit. I'm going to build my way up to lots of greens. Some people at work think it's a bad I idea... but my intentions are mine alone and I'm sticking to them. Will keep you posted on dinner... right now I have my eyes on a sweet grape fruit. My goal for the night is to make my own salad dressing. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tina said...

I am so proud of you ladies-great motivation and support! I told Steph that I would start within the next week or so, but you ladies make me want to start this week! And this site is a wonderful support also. Bev... love the dehydrator (always wanted to make my own healthy fruit roll ups). Keep up the great work ladies!


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