Monday, April 13, 2009

Rare Blood, Indeed: A Libations Preview

here is the first of a series of previews from Libations Vol. 1: Black Artists Who Died Young. it's a tribute to j dilla, entitled "dilla, jd."

Dilla, JD

J. Dilla
Jay Dee
J… D…
Juris Doctor=
Doctor of Jurisprudence=
Doctor…of Law
J. Dilla knew the laws of hip-hop
And he knew the laws of soul
And he had jurisdiction in both worlds
‘Cause he had passed the bar,
Earning creative license like no other
Like no other, he passed the bar…
That most people say he set
And raised
And passed again…

J… D…
The authority to speak
For a nation’s generation
Of the reincarnation of soul
He spoke to our souls
Through hisses and pops
And conscious hip-hop…
He fed us new classics
And our souls
Joyfully Digested them
Like Donuts for a sweet tooth,
Like Water for Chocolate,

J… D…
Jewel of Detroit
1974’s gift to the future
Not just a producer,
But an essence
Musician, writer
MC, fighter—
For good music and truth,
You know—things that really matter—
An essence
Leaving deep, permanent grooves
On family, fans, and peers
An essence
Pure and humble
Mystical yet real
Rare blood, indeed
And he took the formula
To his tear-soaked grave

J… D…
Journeyed Diligently
For his passion
He loved it,
And he lived it,
Inspiring even the unsuspecting,
Resurrecting relevance
In an almost breathless hip-hop
Leaving his impression on Forever.

rhythm (c) 2008


A.N.W.A.R said...

this made me so happy i didn't get an invite to the wedding. cuz right at that part where the preachers says is there anyone who objects to this union i would stand up and say something like "she wrote poems about Rick James and J Dilla that put a stronghold on my soul, so she can't marry this dude" at which point the best men would carry me outside and commence to wailing on my slim bonedid ass. lol

Tenisha said...

I can't even comment because senor A.N.W.A.R is a fool. HE-to me!

Kahree said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I loved it B!!!! Can't wait to buy the book!


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