Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel (So to Speak) and We're Gonnnna Get Maaaaarried...

i'm getting married. it won't be in a chapel, and it's not until august 2010, but i figured what better way to share the experience and get eclectic suggestions than to occasionally post my planning tidbits here?! also, i wanted an excuse to post my cute little wedding avatar from the knot. there are tons of wedding planning websites, but i chose the knot because the site is user-friendly, and users are able to browse wedding gowns, vendors, flowers, and anything else you might need for the big day, and save them as favorites to review later. the knot also has a tool for budgeting, which is great for someone (like me) who has no clue what certain things should cost. there is also a to-do list tool, which helps users know what items should be taken care of on a monthly basis, counting down to the big day. okay, enough free advertising, lol.

i describe myself as an unconventional bride with classic sensibilities. i'm a big believer in doing things the way i want to, even if "tradition" would have it otherwise. but i also like classic touches of simple elegance (that's my mother in me). so, while i'll likely forgo floral decorations for tons of candles, i do want a modest, simple dress (though it won't be white). and i intend to not let the planning get stressful. that's the plan, people.

oh, and i'm simultaneously a bridesmaid in two of my brideswomen's weddings in the meantime. let the ride begin...

be. fly.


Tina said...

I am back to posting comments on Sistergarten! The avatar dress is fly! And I love the fact that you are not going the traditional route and doing it your way and adding your own sense of style and elegance (it is your day... and Kyle's)! Thank God for keeping it mostly stress free (there may be some stress but should not get to Bridezilla level)! Totally excited and I am already thinking about the "fun" stuff that precedes the wedding!

Shameka said...

So... my first comment. I have to say that I've been a slacker (in terms of reading and responding) so please forgive me. I must also say congratulations- on your raw food triumph and your upcoming wedding. I am sure that it will be beautiful. Also, I've found through the years that most of the time, the best way to have fun is to not do anything that's expected of you, lol. So be fly... and don't forget to invite me, lol.

Anonymous said...

wedding planning can be fun- remember your priorities (future hubby and family) the rest will fall into place. let me know if you need a good planner because i know of one you'd love. also is a great place for journaling your wedding updates and staying organized. tell them i sent you!

Rhythm said...

wow. what a resource. thanks, alicia.


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