Sunday, April 5, 2009

Countdown to Raw Week...

friday and saturday, we all did our shopping for what one girlfriend has coined "raw week." once i got over my initial anxiety from the sheer intensity of the cramped local farmers' market, i actually had a good time picking through fresh produce and deciding what i would be eating for the week. i felt all metro-chic.

as a guide, i used a guide from kaia foods with simple raw recipes for beginners. tonight, i'll make creamy avocado dressing/dip for my salad and celery snack tomorrow. my first green smoothie will involve bananas since i have some really ripe ones i purchased before the farmer's market trip. i need to use those ASAP. i'm thinking bananas, strawberries, and kale. yummmmmm.

today for lunch, i had a pb&j with potato chips and light soy milk. i was really craving that. of all the things i might have before i'm restricted to raw food, lol. i haven't yet decided what's for dinner. but i'm gonna make it good.

see you tomorrow, sistergarteners!

1 comment:

A.N.W.A.R said...

oooh baby i like it raaaw!!!
i had to do it. i've been resisting the temptation since the last blog... but i keep seeing "raw" and nobody else said it. do regret letting me comment yet?
anyway good luck with that. i'm gonna go eat some greasy fried chicken and macaroni and CHEESE


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