Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sister Story: White House Staffers

First Lady Michelle Obama has announced a year-long mentoring that will be facilitated at the White House.  High school girls from the surrounding neighborhood will be paired with senior White House staff members, including senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, domestic policy advisor Melody Barnes, Obama's chief of staff Susan Sher and social secretary Desiree Rogers, reports the Washington Post.  source:

We each need to mentor at least one young person.  Period.  Young people can never have too many mentors.  Find something you're good at, and share it with someone younger than you.  He or she could b 5 or 25.  You could help with math or creating a resume.  Do something.  Make a difference.  *Jumping off my soap box now*

Be.  (Help someone) Fly.

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JordanianTimes said...

i love her.. she makes us look sooo good


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