Friday, November 6, 2009

Brother Story: Traum Diggs

i had the pleasure of opening for hip hop artist traum diggs last month at busboys and poets in dc.  up until this point, i had never seen him perform live.  having known him for a few years, i know he has an impressive work ethic, and i dug what i had heard of his music online before.  but his live show...insanity.  his energy and raw soul filled the building that night.  on "the mission tour," traum travels with his band and a rotating roster of singers, comedians, and poets that move the crowd with ease from one emotional apex to the next.  according to, "Traum Diggs is a Hip Hop artist whose style, ability, and approach shatters conventional wisdom and all preconceived assumptions."  that sounds about right to me.

in honor of pure dopeness and the approaching season of giving, i present to you traum diggs.  you're welcome.

a tribute to MJ, "Mike Jackin' 4 Beats," a MUST HEAR:

and because i'm super generous, you can download the entire mixtape for FREE:

for more info on traum diggs and "the mission tour," visit

be.  fly.

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