Monday, November 2, 2009

Sister Secret: If You Can Read, You Can Cook

this is just one of the many things my mother has always said to me which has (suprisingly?) turned out to be very true.  i think my grandmother used to say it to her.  let's digest (tee hee).

if you can read, you can cook.

1.  this does not mean you cannot cook if you cannot read.
2.  this does not mean you can cook well simply because you can read.

this simply means that if you happen to not be innately good at cooking, you should be able to learn to cook well by starting with one simple recipe at a time.  following this basic principle, i now have 4-5 signature dishes that i have practiced, improved upon, and made my own.  and they're all crowd favorites.  ask me to deviate from these standards, and a meltdown may ensue.  but as long as i stick to what i know, all is well.  when it's time to add to the menu, i simply experiment on the fianc√© until i get it right.  it's usually edible.  he lives.

and whenever i'm asked to contribute to family dinner or a potluck, i make one of my signature dishes (usually vegetarian).  people get over the whole "ewwwww vegetarian?" thing and devour the offering.  and usually (if they don't know me well), they think i'm a really good cook.  and of course i am.  i'm a southern woman, after all.


*pictured: my signature "broccoli hot damn," my modified version of my aunt's "unbeatable broccoli casserole"

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A.N.W.A.R said...

three words... broccoli hot damn


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