Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I Wonder" Wednesday: Are the SEPTA Strikers So Wrong?

i wonder if the reason i'm not angry at the SEPTA workers is that i no longer work in philadelphia.  i no longer rely on their services, and i'm not inconvenienced by their strike.  i've read and heard reports that the union refused a great contract and that essentially they're just being greedy.  i don't do their job (nor do i know the details of the contract), so i don't feel equipped to judge.  what i do know is that i currently feel over-worked, underpaid, and under-appreciated.  if i had a union full of folks ready to strike with me, i'd probably be making a picket sign right now.

be.  fly.

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Shameka said...

I think the whole thing is just tiring for people- patrons, workers, and the city included. I grew up in Philly and SEPTA has gone on strike or threatened to almost every year of my life. The frustration for everyone comes in the fact that it builds up to this drastic measure all the time, instead of the union and the city being able to arbitrate and agree.


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