Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Flowers: Biographies

so, i'm obsessed with biographies.  actually, with anything that has a "true story" bent to it: biographies, documentaries, biopics, law & order episodes based on current events.  okay, that last one was a stretch.  but i am an avid watcher.  i digress (but don't you expect me to by now?).  you may notice that i didn't include autobiographies in my list of true story obsessions.  while i do ocassionally indulge in a memoir or autobiogrphy, i don't prefer them.  something about the bias of one telling his/her own story deters me.  i'd rather hear the story in a person's actions, as told by an (hopefully) objective source.

in reading biographies, i also tend to think about my own legacy.  what would my biography read like?  would anybody want to write it?  or read it?  what story would my actions tell?

having said all that, my current biographical journey is into the life of ms. zora neale hurston, via valerie boyd's Wrapped in Rainbows. it's an excellent read, and i'm pleasantly suprised at all of the little gems tucked between the pages of this well-written account of zora's life.

so, of course, i wanted to share with you!  and in return for my kindness, you can share with the Garten some of your favorite biographies.  sharing is caring.  happy reading!

be.  fly.

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