Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"I Wonder" Wednesday: Cosby Does Hip-Hop

i don't even know where to begin.  bill cosby has put together a hip-hop album.  i use the term "hip-hop" because the review does.  and based on the review alone, i'll probably never find the occasion to listen to it.

i'm sure he means well.  but i think this approach is flawed.  partly because i think it reads as "i have issue with your medium, so i'm going to use your medium to prove my point," which might have been clever if done well.  but it doesn't appear to have been.

but alas, i'm basing all of this on conjecture and one review.  which i would normally not do.  but i was skeptical from the moment i read the words "bill cosby's new rap album."  in honor of thumper's rule, "at least he's not rapping..."

i wonder...what's your take?


Anna Renee said...

I guess The Cos is going down with this ship!! I wish he would do something along the lines of the positive focused, "The Cosby Show", where his power actually lies! Focus on the good!

naila said...

bill cosby reminds me of the poem i was gonna write earlier. i understand his feeling of frustration at seeing the people he loves go down such a wrong path, with no uturns anywhere in site...but you've still got to acknowledge when it's time to ask for help so you can be relevant and actually reach those you're trying to empower

A.N.W.A.R said...

bill cosby's rap album... i expect to see rhythm in nas' next video after this news. i'm gonna go and give this thing a listen and if i don't come back with a review know that i applied the thumper rule.


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