Monday, September 28, 2009

Home is Where the Art Is...

peace, sistergarteners.  a few weeks ago i mentioned starting an open mic/hang suite in my home.  well, this past saturday, about 30 poets, artists, and supporters of art gathered in my family room for a soothing evening of good food, good vibes, and amazing talent, set to flickering candles and a playlist of my very best soul music collection.  i was beyond grateful for the turnout.

i've never organized an event before.  not even a birthday party.  so i'll admit there was quite a bit of trepidation upon entering into this venture.  but something within kept urging me to stop getting in my own way and to just do it.  at best, it would be a great success.  at worst, it would be a huge flop.  either result would be better than being too afraid to try.

so i did it.  and i think i'm still in awe of how beautiful it was and how gracious the guests have been with their gratitude and praise.  and i know it was a simple gathering of kindred spirits, not a major feat by any stretch of the imagination.  but it represents something more; i had a vision of a place i wanted to visit, and when i couldn't find that place, i created it.  at home.  and it was good.

be.  fly.

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Tina said...

YAY!!! Happy to hear that the open mic/hang suite event was a success!! I admire how you just took that step and organized the event. How often we stop ourselves from trying or doing something new simply out of fear alone. But you didn't let that stop you and your event was a huge success. I guess we will never know until we do it (didn't you post a quote recently with this same message?) And a turnout of 30 for your first event-even better!! I know you are excited to see where this will lead...Maybe something similar will occur when I visit in November (just kidding...well, not really)!


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