Thursday, September 17, 2009

forward state of mind

these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you... -alicia keys, (jay-z's) "empire state of mind"

i'm not from new york.  i've actually only been there once, and it aggravated my claustrophobia.  but i do feel brand new lately.  i'm deeply inspired, and i sense big things on the horizon.  for me as an artist, and for art in general.  i can't explain it, really.  just a feeling i have.  and that feeling is what's keeping me going most days.  that and music.  currently, jay-z's the blueprint 3 (my first jay cd and official initiation into his legion of fans) and my pandora tupac radio station are in heavy rotation.  tonight, i'll crack open my highly anticipated copy of mos def's the ecstatic.  i'm so high right now.

life is happening.  grand things are in store for me.  hear that, universe?

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Tina said...

Wonderful and big things are in store for you rhythm! Your positive state of mind has a lot to do with that. Also, we (speaking of the Pandora fans) no longer have unlimited access to our favorite artists and music; that's a shame...Continue to reach for the sky!


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