Friday, September 11, 2009

And What of the Vessel?

*photo: Reuters

many people have visited a "body" exhibit of some kind.  in these exhibits, via different (competing) companies, dissected, preserved human cadavers are displayed in varioius "life-like" positions as an examination of the human body (read more about one company here if you're not familiar).

so now, one company, Body Worlds, is planning a variation of their exhibit which will display these cadavers in sexual positions with one another to show "the anantomy and the function" of the human body during sexual intercourse.

i've personally never seen any of these body exhibits.  i'll admit i'm a bit too squeamish for it.  and i've also questioned the ethical paramaters when some of these companies have allegedly used "unclaimed" cadavers and cadavers of imprisoned individuals.  so i'll refrain from giving an opinion on something i haven't directly experienced.

but this new proposed exhibit has me examining my thoughts of this vessel we call a body.  on one hand, i somewhat instinctively believe in being respectful of this shell someone's soul once inhabited.  on the other hand, i realize it's just that: a shell.

so this doesn't end with a profound declarative.  just a trail of ellipsis...

what say you?

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