Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming Out of the Dark

coming out of the dark, i finally see the light now.  it's shining on me.  coming out of the dark, i know the love that saved me.  you're sharing with me.  - gloria estefan, "coming out of the dark"
i have the tendency to become reclusive.  i've yet to determine the reasoning behind it.  i just know that from time to time i feel the need to retreat.  though i'm not exactly outgoing, i do enjoy being social, and i love getting to know new people.  but for one reason or another, i always get to the point where i feel a bit overexposed.  and thus, i withdraw.  as this pertains to the arts scene, it usually stretches over a period of at least a year.  as a result, i always return to mixed reactions, mainly composed of equal parts "rhythm!!!  how have you been?!?" and "who is she?"  both are very comforting, actually.  i enjoy seeing familial faces, and i enjoy meeting these new artists who have become a part of the family since my last span of participation.
my last break from the scene lasted about 2 years and just ended this spring.  while the time away was used productively (i worked on libations vol: 1 and did a lot of soul-searching on what it is i want to do with my gifts), i was SO glad to be back.  there was so much life in the work that everyone was sharing.  and to my suprise, quite a few other artists had been on "leave" for a while as well.  so coming back together was a reunion of spirits on some levels.  and for that matter, a renewal of spirits as well.  and so gloria estefan's "coming out of the dark" came to mind.  because i'm cheesy like that.
and in honor of this renewal and my gratitude for having an arts family that always welcomes me back home, i'm starting a new open mic and hang suite in the comfort of my home.  opening night is in a few weeks, and the features are Vision, a veteran performer, and Heather Feather, a young poet who's making her feature debut.  and i didn't realize how fitting that was until just in this moment.
be.  fly.


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