Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sister Story: Sarah Kruzan

nnamdi osuagwu over at Ice Cream Melts brought my attention to this heart-wrenching story of a woman who was sentenced to life in prison when she was only 16-years old.

the sentence and the reported comments from the judge are commentary on the lack of value our society places on our children, particular female children.

for more on sarah's story and human trafficking, visit's human trafficking site.

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Max Reddick said...

I first say this story at another site. This is absolutely sad. In an effort to appear tough on crime, we have missed a few things, namely that our children are products of their environments and of their upbringing. Basically we are punishing this young lady for the shortcomings of her parents and the adults in her life.

We need to rethink our prison system. Basically we have moved beyond trying to reform and now only lock away for life.


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