Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"I Wonder" Wednesday

i wonder when it will sink in that MJ is gone.  it's been about 4 months since his passing, and there's still a surreal element to that fact.  at least for me there is...


Tenisha said...

yeah, for me, it hasn't set in. it probably never will. mj is my all time favorite person. once i got over my "thriller" fear, it was on. i saw the movie last night and it brought so much joy to me. finally, we see mj, not the animal people made him out to be. i felt so honored to be let in. he is forever missed.

Chuck Pickens said...

It is now March and it has been over a half of a year since Mr. Jackson passed away. I'm not how the rest of the world is at this point, or if this has been accepted by the masses. Me myself, I'm still very dumb to the reality that Michael Jackson is not on earth anymore.
I'm delusional or anything, but to me, Michael Jackson has always been a couple of steps ahead of reality. I don't know, sort of like a mythical tale to be past down through generations while he was still alive. I remember my mother distinctively telling me stories from when she was young and going to Jackson 5 concerts & how she knew that little Micheal was going to be even bigger and better one day. When I was a kid and I saw his videos, I believed that the special effects were real. I believed that when Micheal Jackson walked, the street would light up. Or if you pissed him off, he could spin into a buckled leather suit or a giant robot and go postal on somebody.
A part of me still believes in the magic that is Michael Jackson. That magic is the magic that keeps Michael alive and always will. As of right now it has only been a half of a year, but I'm pretty sure that 20 years down the line he will be just as alive to me as he was when i was a child. Micheal Jackson will live forever.

rhythm said...

chuck, that comment in itself was beautiful enough for its own post. thank you.


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