Monday, October 12, 2009

Coming Home...

round and roud the world will spin.  oh, the circle never ends.  so you know that i'll be coming home... -john legend, "coming home"

this past weekend was homecoming at my alma mater.  sometimes i hesitate to use the term "alma mater," as it's literally translated as "mother of my soul," or more loosely, "nourishing mother."  but i'm beginning to understand and accept that this beautiful institution was indeed a nourishing mother for me.  so much of who i am as a woman, particularly a young black woman, can be directly attributed to having attended this HBCU.  and i'm proud to count it as one of my influential mothers.

walking that campus and seeing my brothers and sisters, some warmly familiar and some new, i felt like i was indeed coming home.  i get this feeling every october, and yet i somehow manage to forget how good it feels until the next time.  and for some reason, visiting that home makes me feel so good about growing older, emphasis on growth.  in that space, i am able to better appreciate the things that i have accomplished since living and learning there.  and i have a sense of renewal, with which i can continue to move forward towards accomplishing more goals.

i love my alma mater.  and i'm grateful for the people and memories that make it so beautiful.

be.  fly.

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