Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letter from Amelia: On Marriage

Letters of Note is a website that shares authentic letters, notes, postcards, etc. from celebrities, and other historical figures. today they featured the following letter from Amelia Earhart, sent to her then-fiance the morning of their wedding in February 1931:

for the transcript and more interesting letters, check out the website.



Lovely&Free said...

I LOVE THIS LETTER!!!! and the scary thing is is about as exact to my feelings of marriage. My whole fear ( in relationships period) is that I may lose myself....and the minute I feel someone is trying to change who I have grown to be.... I make a break for it.... like I'm breaking out of a choke hold!!!!

LaNeshe said...

Wow, that is interesting. She's laying everything out on the table, which I think is essential before bonding yourself with someone in marriage.


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