Friday, March 26, 2010

Ruby's Garden: Grandma's Hands

today would have been my maternal grandmother's 86th birthday.  she left this earth quite some time ago, but i still think of her fondly on her day.

she was the essential "big mama" in every way.  and she taught us girls that if our hair and feet looked good, everything in the middle would fall in place.  i still live by that (tryna stay on her level, lol).  she fed us well (and with love).  she gave whatever she could, whenever she could.

i wish i had a picture to post, but as a cousin reminded me today, she hated posing for pictures.  fly as she was.  hm.

happy birthday, Mimi.

be.  fly.
ruby's granddaughter

and i usually don't post videos that i can't embed, but i'll make an exception here (since it's Bill Withers)...just come back and say somethin' when you're done watchin' :)

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LaNeshe said...

I happy birthday to her.


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