Monday, February 8, 2010

Garden View: Panther

so, as a part of Black History Month (i'm assuming), the FLIX channel recently aired the 1995 film Panther.  this is one of many black films from the 90s that i never saw when they originally premiered.  my mama was one of those who actually used the film rating system as guidance when deciding whether or not i could view something.  i appreciate her wisdom (now).

anyway, i'm really grateful to view such films as an adult who's able to critically absorb them (as opposed to a young teenager who might miss a lot of the historical and political context).

Panther is a depiction of the origins of The Black Panther Party.  if you haven't seen it (and actually, even if you have, 15 years ago), i suggest you check it out.


be.  fly.

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