Saturday, January 23, 2010

"You're Still Pretty."

"you're still pretty."  actually, no.  i'm still tryna figure out whether or not that's a compliment.

annnnnyway, i'm really loving my new 'do.  it's been a week since my big chop, and i have to say (a bit surprisingly even) it's been all positive.  and i actually didn't know how sensitive i was to others' opinions until i was so moved by the overwhelmingly positive responses of friends, arts fam, and strangers alike.

"positive" includes the weird responses of people i'm assuming mean well, like "oh, but you could put a pig on your head and still look good."  why, exactly, would i put a pig on my head?

now i'm just trying to decide whether i'm keeping it low or growing it out.  initially i was going to wear it low for a few months and then let it grow.  but i'm kinda liking the feeling of just letting my hair be itself, un-tampered with.  this, of course, without having yet experienced the inevitable awkward phase.  meh.  we'll see.

be.  fly.


LaNeshe said...

I guess that means u are beautiful no matter what to people.

Max Reddick said...

Before you count out the whole pig-on-the-head thing, why not give it a try. Who knows? You could set a whole new fashion trend. Put a pig on your head, take a picture of it, and let the readers decide.

And for whatever it is worth, I still dig the do.


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