Friday, August 21, 2009

be astounded.

*photo: jam343

"If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." ~Thomas Edison

i play it safe. those who know me best might disagree, but allow me to explain. i'm not an outgoing person, but i do take certain risks and try new things. however, i don't often take risks that i think are actually substantial. i don't often try new things unless i'm confident they'll likely be "successful" ventures. i tend to only take risks where the possible downsides are pretty minimal. and that, sistergarteners, is hardly risk-taking at all. that translates into inadequate faith.

it's like asking the universe to toss me a lifesaver while i'm standing on dry land. for starters, the lifesaver is useless in that instance. secondly, i would be assuming that i won't be able to stay afloat once in the water, or that the only way for the universe to keep me afloat is with a lifesaver. and i would be saying, "i trust you, universe, but just in case..." like a pre-nup with god. pretty sure those don't go over well.

so, i'm beginning to believe that if i did the things i'm capable of (instead of only doing the things i think i'll be good at), i would astound myself. and i'm prepared to be astounded.

be. fly.

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